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About me 

Hey! I’m Georgia, owner of Georgia’s Photography, G.Automotive and Pets With G! I am an aspiring freelance photographer, with a photography studio based in Greenwich, Greater London. I also take on offsite jobs across London, Kent & Essex. Photography has been my passion for as long as I can remember. Capturing special memories of my family and friends, always carrying a camera wherever I went, even on holidays. Once I realized I could do what I love as a job I never looked back.

I started my journey at GCSE level in school. This gave me an insight into traditional black and white film photography and gave me a chance to really learn the science behind photography. I then moved onto college for a two year course with probably the most inspirational lecturer I could have possibly had and I was more than sure, this is what I want to do. Once the course was over I went on to take another two year course at college, this time in graphic design. This gave me insight into things you didn’t get with the photography course, I gained more knowledge using the adobe programmes and how to create marketing materials for myself. I built my website and created my own brand for a project we were actually being marked on. 


Once my graphic design course came to an end I thought I was finished with college, I got myself my studio space and started offering photoshoots during the weekends and my off days as i was still working my part time job. I did this for a year and then convinced myself to go back for the HNC course in photography. 

I have taken my passion for photography into everything I do originally starting with just studio work; products, still life, portraiture, fashion to then taking on work off site such as; weddings, birthday parties, equine & pets.

Photo of owner of Georgia's Photography

From when I started till now I am constantly thinking of new things to photograph and how to push myself with new techniques in editing and shooting, how to expand into different areas of photography and what services people were looking for. 


Trying to think of something new aside from what I already loved to shoot wasn’t hard at all. I instantly thought back to growing up and always having cars and bikes on the telly, and a trip to santapod from my childhood kept coming back to me, seeing all the cars parked up especially going down the tracks it was an experience that stayed with me. I had found myself with a new car and going to shows and meeting new people with the same passion which is when I decided to dive into the automotive photography world. 


I found a new freedom in automotive photography. Being able to get out of the studio, meet great new people and shoot their pride & joy. Being able to get creative with the locations I choose to shoot at, all the details in the different cars, seeing what people have built. I honestly can’t wait to see what’s in the cards for me next!

How to find me

Studio Address

Unit 7 Studio 021 

Warspite Road / Harrington Way

 SE18 5NR

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