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About me 

Hey there! I'm Georgia and i'd like to tell you a few things about myself. I first got into photography when I picked it up as a hobby, I use to enjoy taking photos of flowers, places, anything I could really. It progressed into a potential career when it came to picking my GCSE's in school and I thought I might enjoy the class if I enjoy taking photos in my free time. I first used an enlarger to create darkroom pieces as soon as I could which led me to my love of the traditional Photography techniques. I further developed this passion when it came to having to pick what I would do after school, either sixth form or college. My initial idea for my future was to go to sixth form and take three A-Levels and another GCSE course.  Unfortunately I didn't have the grades needed for the courses I had picked, which led me to one of the best decisions of my life, college.  

I had reservations about moving into a new area with people I didn't know but I met the teacher, that over the next two years, would help my passion grow even further.  She encouraged my ideas and gave me access to a darkroom to use for any of my projects. My first project was even based on the traditional darkroom methods. I discovered a passion for Black and White prints, I thoroughly enjoy the whole process from taking the exposure to developing the final image in a traditional darkroom.  At the end of my two year course I finished with a triple grade Distinction, Distinction, Merit on a BTEC L3 extended diploma which is equivalent to three A-Levels.

Photo of owner of Georgia's Photography

I then decided I wanted to do a course that would help me with my computer skills and the creativity of editing so I chose a L3 AUL extended diploma in Graphic Design which I finished the two year course with a double grade Distinction Merit. With all my new knowledge on the creative programmes used and different techniques I decided to apply for a L4 HNC in Photography which I completed after one year finishing with a grade Merit.

After five years in college completing courses that helped me gain all the techniques and knowledge I would need to be able to own and run my studio I found my place, among other creators at the Thames Side Studios complex. With my studio set up and ready for business I decided to find a way to do shorter courses in specific areas that I wanted more experience in. I have now completed a City and Guilds assured certificate on a bump, newborn and toddler course practising hands on in a studio working with clients and dealing with multiple shoots this helped me gain the extra bit of knowledge and experience you don’t get on a college course. ​

I have now had my own studio for four years and I’ve loved every minute of it. Meeting new clients and being able to capture those special moments for them. 

Over the time I have had the studio I’ve kept thinking to myself how I can push my photography journey to the next level so I tried to experiment with different bookings and opening myself right up to any client that came my way. This took me to photographing horses at cross country, dressage and show jump competitions. Experimenting in commercial photography and getting creative with placement and lighting, as well as using models in and out of the studio. Got a project in mind? Get in contact with us! We are constantly looking for new creative projects and ways to help with all enquires. 

After the COVID-19 pandemic my journey went on another new course when I bought a new car, automotive photography. I went to a few car shows and started taking my camera. I found it was a great chance to walk around and try photographing something new getting different perspectives of the cars, seeing how people built their cars, the colours they chose and all the small details. I tried to photograph as much as possible at each show I went to and plan to do the same for years to come. I now have a section on the website of my photos from different shows and ways for automotive lovers to contact me for shoots away from shows.

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